The Law and Mediation Office of
Margaret A. Nicholson


Margaret Nicholson is an attorney who is dedicated to assisting clients who find themselves dealing with the pain of separation, divorce, and other family law issues.  She is a strong advocate and negotiator who is experienced in resolving family disputes through litigation, settlement, collaborative divorce and mediation.  With a law and mediation practice located in Somers, New York, in northern Westchester County, Ms. Nicholson provides quality legal representation and devotes a high level of personal attention to her clients.  She recognizes that clients often feel helpless and paralyzed as they attempt to navigate the legal system, especially when it concerns family issues where the stakes are so high.  Her experience in the courtroom has provided her with the expertise necessary to successfully resolve clients’ legal issues while staunchly protecting their personal and professional interests. Whether that issue involves custody of a child, visitation or child and/or spousal support, she will staunchly advocate a client’s position without being adversarial.  Her goal is to lay the groundwork for settlement by identifying areas of agreement rather than throwing up legal roadblocks which only serve to prolong litigation and intensify its financial and emotional toll.

Because she understands that many clients would rather avoid participation in contentious court proceedings, Ms. Nicholson offers alternatives to individuals seeking to resolve their disputes outside of court. Collaborative divorce and mediation seek to lower the level of conflict while protecting privacy and minimizing legal fees.  As a result of her collaborative and mediation training and experience in representing children in custody disputes, Ms. Nicholson recognizes the need for a non-adversarial approach to dissolving a marriage. Especially where children are involved, families are in need of an approach which is tailored to their individual interests and is sensitive to their needs.  While these processes may not be for everyone, she explores these options with all clients recognizing that alternatives to traditional litigation should be sought whenever possible.

Experience, Commitment, Results
Contact Ms. Nicholson today at 914-669-5224 to learn more about her services and how she can put her experience and knowledge to work for you.  She offers flexible hours and her office is conveniently located in Somers, New York in the Mill Pond Office Building, 293 Route 100, Suite 205, Somers, New York, 10589.  She also sees clients by appointment in her White Plains office at 709 Westchester Avenue, White Plains, NY 10604.